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Basic Access to Shodan Search Engine

The ability to search on Shodan using basic filters. Includes Shodan Maps and Shodan Exploits.

Integrations with Popular Tools

Metasploit, Maltego, Nmap and Splunk are just a few of the tools that integrate out of the box with Shodan.

Explore the Internet Visually

Use Shodan Images to browse screenshots gathered from devices around the world.

Simple Website Downloads

With the click of a button you can download search results to your local computer.

Deep IP Enrichment

Learn more about the devices that are interacting with your network by looking them up in Shodan.

On-Demand Scanning

Ask Shodan to scan your Internet-facing devices to validate your firewall and make sure existing issues have been fixed.

Real-Time Network Monitoring

Keep track of the latest services discovered on your external network in real-time.

Unlimited Search API

Provide your entire organization full, unlimited access to the search and IP lookup API.

Bulk Downloads

Download all the latest data collected by Shodan and analyze it on your own terms.


With hundreds of events every second the firehose gives you the heartbeat of the Internet.

Internet Scanning

Use the existing Shodan infrastructure to launch Internet scans.

Custom Surveys

Our team of engineers will work with you to gather the data you need.

Historical Insights

Order a complete historical snapshot of the Internet going back to October 2015.

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