Batteries Included

The Enterprise Data License provides access to all the information that is gathered by Shodan. It allows you to subscribe to the real-time data feed, download daily files and optionally get a hard drive once a month containing all the data that Shodan has gathered.

Kick It Up a Notch

Enhance your product by including the Shodan database and providing information on devices connected to the Internet. The Enterprise Data License allows you to redistribute the Shodan database with your product.

Track the Internet of Things

Purchase the Shodan data to create your own database of Internet of Things devices and see how the market develops over time. Which areas have the most home automation systems? How popular are the latest in smart TVs? Answer your own questions with the Enterprise Data License.

External Network Monitoring

Use Shodan to validate your firewall rules, keep track of new devices popping up on your network and discover data leaks to the cloud.

300+ Ports

500+ banners/ second

1+ Billion banners/ month

Crawler Locations

Globally Distributed

The Shodan crawlers are distributed throughout the world so you get data that isn't geographically biased.

Flexible Delivery

All the data that Shodan collects is made available through a variety of methods: Direct Download, Real-Time Stream or monthly hard drive delivery.

  • Direct Download

    Download all the data that was gathered for a day.

  • Real-Time Stream

    The Streaming API provides real-time access to all the data that the Shodan crawlers are gathering.

  • Hard Drive Delivery

    We can also send you a hard drive every month if you are unable to consume the data from the other sources.

Unlimited Access

The Shodan Data License also includes unlimited access to the website and API to everybody in your organization. The sitewide license gives every person fully upgraded accounts on the Shodan website, including Shodan Maps, and the ability to use both the REST and Streaming APIs to the fullest extent.

And as a customer of the Shodan Data License you also get early access to all new features and datasets gathered by Shodan, such as the data that generated the ping map.

Contact Us

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