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Shodan collects information on all major protocols and many minor ones.

700+banners/ second

The platform is constantly refreshing the data so you're always up to date.


The infrastructure is spread across multiple continents to provide a truly global view.

Real-Time Firehose

The Shodan Firehose is a real-time data feed containing all the information that the Shodan crawlers are collecting. The stream is provided as a web service – once a client connects to the Streaming API it starts receiving JSON-encoded banners until it disconnects from the server.

List of Available Streams
Bulk Data

Shodan provides daily bulk data files which contain all the information that crawlers collected during a given day. Each file is compressed using Gzip and contains a single JSON-encoded banner per line. The most recent 30 days are always available for download and depending on your account you may also have access to historical data.

On-Demand Scanning

Shodan crawls the entire Internet once a week, but if you want to request Shodan to scan a network immediately you can do so using the on-demand scanning capabilities of the API. Request the scan of anything from an individual IP up to the entire Internet.

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Commercial Rights

Enhance your product by including the Shodan database and providing information on devices connected to the Internet. The Enterprise Data License allows you to redistribute the Shodan database with your product - no attribution required.

Unlimited Access

The Enterprise Data License is a site-license that gives an entire organization full access to the Shodan platform - no per-user pricing! Enterprise access includes the website, search API, IP lookups, bulk data, firehose, on-demand scanning and all other aspects of the platform for everybody at the organization.

Fresh Data Delivered

Shodan continuously crawls the Internet all day every day to provide the most accurate and comprehensive view of the Internet. The platform was built from scratch over the past decade to ensure it meets the demands of an increasingly connected world.

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